Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sketches from Maine: Part 5 - Weather Vanes and Lobster

Aren't weather vanes cool?  I just love them and decided to start taking pictures of all the different ones I came across on our trip to Maine earlier this month. There are so many nice old ones on historic homes and businesses in New England.

(All sketches were done in a 9" x 6" Stillman and Birn Alpha series sketchbook)

For this page, I did all of the drawings in pencil from photo references, then inked them with a black Micron 01 pen. Next, I applied a watery background wash of Marine Blue and Quinacridone Gold, tilting the paper to allow the paint to run and blend. After that dried, the weather vanes were painted very simply, leaving them as silhouettes, to keep the page from becoming too busy.

It's okay to add photos to your travel journal pages...
In this case, I wanted to include a few pictures of the friends who were part of this trip, so I arranged a bunch of my photos in Publisher (part of Microsoft Office) and printed them out on matte photo paper. I trimmed the composite print to the exact size of my sketchbook page, then glued it down with Yes! Paste. Now I can see everyone's smiling faces every time I open my sketchbook.

This next page is a continuation of my June 10th travelogue. (Read the beginning of it in Sketches from Maine: Part 3)

On it I included some of the things I bought on the trip...

A reminder of our crazy Domino games...

And one of my favorite things about vacationing in Maine....LOBSTER!


  1. You are making me nostalgic for all things Northeast! (I grew up in Upstate NY.) I love your weather vanes sketch!

  2. I am getting jealous...Camden is one of my favorite towns up there...although I have to admit I have many favorites. Love the idea of the weathervanes!


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