Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sketches from Maine: Part 4 - Sea Glass

I'm hooked on huntiing for sea glass. Every summer when we go to Maine, I spend hours along the shore with my eyes trained on the ground, looking for the perfect specimen.

9" x 6", watercolor and pencil in a hardcover Stillman and Birn Alpha series sketchbook

Large chunks are exciting...

but the colors thrill me even more than the size of the pieces.

See the little green heart-shaped piece?

I can never decide which is my favorite - deep, rich cobalt blue or pale aqua. Oh, but I love the pinks and lavenders, too!

I picked out some of my favorite pieces to do this page in my travel journal.

The border was designed and painted first.  I masked off the border area with painter's tape, so I would have nice straight edges, then painted a wavy line down the center. Additional lines were added to fill in the space, using colors from the sea glass scattered across my table.

Don't those wavy lines just make you feel like you're floating on the swells in the ocean?

You can see how simply the sea glass was painted, just a light initial wash, then an added layer or two of darker color after the first wash had dried.

Collection pages like this are fun to do, and I love how this one turned out. It has such a happy, beachy feel to it. Sometimes it all just comes together.

Have you ever painted a collection in your sketchbook?



  1. What a fun and pretty journal page! I'm fascinated by the differences in beaches along the coast. These days, we vacation near Charleston, SC. I've never found a piece of beach glass there. Lots of starfish and sand dollars though. I miss the glass and stone finds of the beaches farther north.

    I have yet to paint a collection in my sketchbook, but you have inspired me to do some beach combing when we head south next week.

    1. Yes, a beach treasures page would be a lot of fun. Shells, sand dollars, driftwood, etc. - I think I just might have to do that when I go to NC in August. Like you, I never find sea glass in the Carolinas, but the water sure is warmer than Maine!

  2. I am fascinated by sea glass....until now I thought I was the only one! In all the times I have been to the beach, I have never been fortunate enough to find any. But that shouldn't stop me from sketching some! Thanks for sharing your sketchbook.

  3. Found your blog, Leslie! Bookmarked it my phone. Diane

  4. Nice cohesive look to your page of sea glass! Just love the colors.


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