Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Day!

We have a SNOW DAY! Yippee! I still get a thrill from being snowed in. We've gotten ten  inches of snow since last evening and everything is cancelled, so I thought I'd share a snowy sketch with you today. This is one I painted a few weeks ago of the view out our driveway...

Ink and watercolor in an 8.5" x 5.5" Stillman & Birn Beta series sketchbook

That was one of those sparkling, crystal clear days, but there's no sunshine today, just gray skies and lots and lots of snow.


So peaceful and beautiful!


  1. Your sketch is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your snow photos....they are beautiful. Snow days remind me of my childhood....I still love them.

  2. Oh how I love snowy days!! We've had a gorgeous winter here in Maine this year!!

  3. Love your snowy day painting, and lovely photos of your snow. Like to see it but not on my doorstep. We've been lucky this winter it's been cold & frosty but only a fluttering of snow.

  4. Beautiful painting and beautiful views. I can feel myself, trudging through the snow along that drive between fields and trees. We were on the edge of that storm. We only got about 3" out of it, but that was on top of the 9 or 10 we already had. We're expecting a big thaw next week. Maybe spring isn't far off now.


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