Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Sketchbooks Make Their Television Debut!

A few weeks ago, out of the blue, I received an invitation to appear on a local cable television show to talk about my art. I was happy to have an opportunity to share my work, although I was a tiny bit nervous about appearing on camera. Everything worked out just fine, though, and I actually enjoyed the experience! Here's a link to the video - the first 10 minutes is an interview, then I talk about my sketches for about 20 minutes:

The show is called The Greene Room, and it's a production of Waynesburg Community Television (WCTV), a public education channel that broadcasts in our local area and is operated by the students of the Department of Communications at Waynesburg University.

Host Haley Greene, introducing me on The Greene Room

The Greene Room is hosted by Haley Greene and features some of the talented people living in Greene County - artists, musicians, poets, and others.

Presenting my work on the set of The Greene Room

Everyone made me feel right at home when I arrived at the studio, and once the cameras were rolling, I got into the flow of things, and had no trouble filling the time allotted to discuss my work.

Showing a page from one of my "everyday" sketchbooks

I focused primarily on the travel sketchbooks that I have kept over the years during our family vacations to such varied locations as Maine, Alaska. Colorado, and Ireland.

Showing my Colorado travel sketches on The Greene Room

I hope that by sharing my sketches on the show, someone watching might be encouraged to pick up a pencil or a brush and give drawing or painting a try. Sketching is fun, and all it takes is the willingness to start. Skill comes with time, and the learning process is really rewarding. It's never too late to begin!

Haley Greene (host), me, and Casey Zell (show producer)

Thanks to the entire WCTV crew who helped me through my first TV experience without any mishaps!


  1. Leslie I loved watching the program and seeing your sketchbooks presented by you, yourself. They are so beautiful. What an inspiration. I have a book I started that also goes month by month that I intended to fill from scenes of my life in Arizona... it didn't get done in a year either... now it's been almost 2 and still not done, ha ha. It was good to see that an artist of your caliber has a similar journal. Thank you for sharing the program. Thoroughly enjoyed!

  2. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who makes grand plans, then isn't able to follow through exactly as anticipated. Oh, well, taking a more leisurely approach is probably healthier for both of us!

  3. Congratulations Leslie! What a great accomplishment. Kudos to you for being so brave as to step up and face the camera. :-)


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