Thursday, May 5, 2011

Along Country Lanes ...

I had a chance to go out sketching last weekend. It was a gorgeous spring day, and it felt so good to wander along winding country roads with the windows rolled down down, smelling the freshly mown grass and listening to the sound of birds who seemed as excited as I was that the warm weather had finally arrived.

Driving through Lippencott, I stopped to paint this country church with its perky green steeple and walled churchyard. What really made me pull out my brushes though, was the unique structure sitting in the corner of that churchyard - I can only hope that it's no longer being used for its original purpose, now that the church has indoor plumbing!

With all the rain we've had lately, the grass is so lush and green that I actually have to tone it down in my sketches so it doesn't look too bright. A rainbow of wildflowers is blooming in the fields and along the roadsides, but the flowers are barely noticeable because of something else that's sprouting like crazy ....

Campaign signs and political posters! The election's two weeks away, and these "signs of spring" will be gone before the daisies bloom. Ah, summer's on its way!


  1. It's always a pleasure to visit your site to see the "pictures". What a gift you have. I have no drawing talent, but would love to know what suggestions you have for a newbie to get started learning the art of watercolor drawings. Maybe a new post idea!

  2. I believe anyone can learn to draw. Really! All it takes is some learning and some practice. Your idea to do a blog post about how to begin sketching is a great idea. I'll start working on that. Thanks for the input!

  3. Hi Leslie,
    This is malissa18 from the Sketching Forum. These are beauuuutiful! You are so talented and I like how you get more and more daring with each new batch of sketches. The ones where you decide to experiment and go looser are my favorites!

  4. Wow! Those 'perennials' seem to pop up ever year ...and last till November. It's the only time (in a long time ;c) that the sight of a campagin sign has made me smile. Thanks


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