Monday, April 11, 2011

Pole Swags & Celtic Applique Pillow

If you were adding a room onto your house, what would your wish list include? Plenty of space? Lots of windows to let in the sunshine? Perhaps hardwood floors, high ceilings, and built-in storage? My client got all that and more when she and her husband added a wonderful music room to their house. They also found a home for their grand piano and full-size pipe organ!

Music room,  before window treatments

Their music room is a great space for entertaining, but with the soaring cathedral ceiling and all those hard surfaces bouncing the sound around, it needed something to soften it a bit and warm it up without blocking the view or the sunshine - and without affecting the acoustics.

Pleated pole swags in a traditional floral fabric now frame the windows and add some color and pattern to the off-white walls. Cellular shades offer privacy and light control. Since there isn't an overabundance of fabric draping the windows, the acoustics are unchanged.

Over 25 feet of window seat cushions were constructed of a sturdy embroidered cotton fabric that looks great, but won’t fade in the sun. The client’s granddaughters love to curl up with a book on the window seat, propped up against the pillows, whiling away the hours on a rainy day.

I made several pillows out of the floral fabric, and they look great on the red leather sofas and striped wing chairs. One little lumbar pillow was embellished with a simple Celtic applique cable design in red and green silk.

The floral fabric was carried over into the adjoining dining room in another swag treatment, but instead of the casual pole swags, I used a more formal board-mounted swag and jabot treatment. The colors in the fabric coordinate perfectly with the beautiful antique stained glass lampshade on the buffet table below the window.

There is a different feeling in both of these rooms now that they have pretty window treatments hanging at the windows - they feel complete. But I think my client's favorite thing is the little applique pillow!

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