Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kitty Week - Sketch #5

This is a 10" x 14" painting I did of Hoover several years ago. He was lying on an antique quilt in the sunshine, and I just couldn't resist painting him.

What was really funny, though, was that when I finished the painting, I propped it up on the daybed in my studio to step back and take a look at it, and Hoover walked in. Being the curious cat that he is, he had to check out what the strange object was on his favorite napping spot ...

Then he promptly curled up and went to sleep, matching the pose in the picture.


  1. Still remains as one of my favorites!! I pretty certain I emailed you a few years ago after seeing this one b/c I was so taken by it.

  2. I love it, too, Sarah. I framed it and have it hanging in the hallway by my kitchen now, so I get to enjoy it every day. Hoover's such a sweetie, and he's 14 now, definitely slowing down a bit.

  3. OMG
    this is soooo cutteeeee!!!!

  4. love the picture of the cat and the photo of the cat looking at the picture-this gave me a smile and laughter to start my day-thanks for sharing! -angie


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