These time-lapse videos offer a quick glimpse into how my sketchbook pages come to life with watercolor.

Tuscany Gridded Sketch
Scenes from the medieval village of Certaldo Alto in Tuscany. Read a blog post about this sketch here.

Dogwood Leaves and Decorative Border

Highland Light, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
A fall trip to Cape Cod inspired this lighthouse sketch. For step-by-step photos and commentary about the painting process, see this blog post.

Canal Scene, Venice, Italy
A simple sketch of a sunlit scene along the Grand Canal.

La Colombara, Lupia, Italy
My favorite restaurant in northern Italy. I ate pizza there three times in one week!
Read about this sketch here.

Greene County Fair
The county fair is a big draw every August in my rural community. This sketch captures the fun and excitement in a riot of color.

Enlow Fork Wildflower Walk
The annual guided wildflower walk along the Enlow Fork of Wheeling Creek in western Greene County, PA, is a tradition for many families in our area.


  1. Love all of the videos.
    Would you consider doing a lesson on your Sketching Technique.

  2. Do you mean you want to see the drawing portion of doing a sketch?

    1. yes,
      to get the line effects. I try but my drawings looks stiff.
      I hope I explain this; I use Micron pens.
      I sketch first with Pencil.
      Any suggestions, I would love.

  3. Leslie, Your Watercolor Magic, article of 2012, the House has some nice
    loose lines, This is what I would like to learn.

    1. Just do a very simple, light pencil drawing initially to get your proportions right and fit your drawing on the page. Then do the "real" drawing with your pen. You'll have the security of knowing that the large shapes are correct, but you'll be drawing all the details directly, not tracing them from your pencil drawing, and the lines should have a looser quality to them. You can even intentionally make your lines a little wobbly for a sketchier feel, rather than trying to make everything neat, tidy, and perfect. Hope this helps.


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