Friday, January 29, 2016

San Clemente Workshop: Earth, Sea, and Sky

Now that I'm home from Florida, I'm gearing up for my next teaching trip. I'll be in San Clemente, California, in February for a 3-day workshop entitled "Step-by-Step Watercolor: Earth, Sea, and Sky" followed by a 1-day plein air sketching workshop. The plein air workshop is full, but I wanted to let you know that there are spaces remaining in the 3-day watercolor class.

The "Earth, Sea, and Sky" workshop includes a series of lessons on how to paint the subjects we commonly encounter in landscape painting: rocks, beaches, water, crashing waves, reflections, trees, meadows, and skies in all their variations.

I break each exercise down into manageable steps, giving specific advice on the colors, brushes, and techniques that will bring the subject to life.

The first 3-day workshop filled up fast, so we've added a second one for those on the waiting list. It will be held February 25-27 at San Clemente Art Supply. Visit my US Workshops page to read more about it. Here's the link to register.

This will be my only west coast workshop in 2016, so don't miss this chance to build your watercolor skills with me there by your side, helping you through the challenging spots and celebrating your successes.


  1. This sounds like the perfect workshop! Rocks, beaches, water, crashing waves, reflections, trees, meadows, and skies--all things I so admire in your artwork but have such trouble with myself. Though I know the nature of a watercolor workshop is different from a sketchbook journaling workshop, but this post has me excited for your sketchbook week at Cheap Joe's. I'm so looking forward to all the fun journaling techniques I know I'll learn there!

  2. I've had several people write to me who will be attending the Cheap Joe's workshop, and they've all asked for me to include watercolor techniques in addition to sketchbook journaling info, so you'll be happy to know that I've be doing some lessons on step-by-step watercolor techniques as part of my Cheap Joe's workshop. By the way, the workshop is totally full, so we should have a great class with lots of creative energy flowing!

  3. That sounds wonderful, Leslie! Even more to look forward to!

  4. I love this idea: Step-by-Step Watercolor: Earth, Sea, and Sky

    have you considered creating on-line lessons that one could purchase on these subjects? I would be interested.

    1. I have been thinking about selling my lessons online for months now. I just can't seem to find the time to set up a website and format everything for online sales. It may happen eventually. It's definitely on my mind.


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