Monday, July 13, 2015

Sketches from Maine: A Sailboat, Lighthouses, and More Rocky Coast

The end of our vacation week was fast approaching, and there were still so many things we wanted to do. A few of us decided we'd like to try a little sailing, so we booked our places on the schooner Olad out of Camden. It was a windy day with lots of sunshine, just perfect for sailing.

Ink & watercolor, 9x6 Stillman & Birn Alpha

As we headed out to sea, we passed some impressive summer "cottages" and the cutest little lighthouse you could ever want to see, the Curtis Island Light...

As we cut through the water and left the shore behind, it was fun to look back and see Mt. Battie, where we had sketched the view from the summit the day before, and the Camden Hills marching off into the distance. Love that aerial perspective!

To round out this composite page, I sketched some of the interesting details from the ship, like the brass turnbuckles that were part of the rigging...

and the fancy rope work covering many of the metal poles.

The next day was Friday - our last day. Luckily the weather was beautiful and we could spend the whole day outdoors.

We all walked out to see the Rockland Light, treading carefully on the massive granite boulders that make up the 3/4 mile long breakwater.

In the evening we had our last painting session, at Birch Point State Park, one of my favorite places. The water took on an aqua hue in the late-day light and the rocks glowed warm in the sun.

Sitting there together,
    focusing on the beauty in front of us,
        each in her own world,
            drawing lines,
                mixing colors,
                    painting with love,
                        recording it all
                            as a way to remember.


  1. More beautiful sketches--gorgeous skies, fun borders, wonderful memories. I tried your "spattered on clear water, then dabbed in touches of blue" technique for creating shimmering water. All I can say is, I need lots more practice! My Atlantic looks more like holes of white and blobs of blue than a sparkling sea. ;-) Oh well, I will try again tomorrow!

    1. Practice is the key. At least you gave it a try. The next time will be better. It sounds like maybe you needed more water spatters, so the white areas wouldn't be so big and the blue would spread more.

  2. I've had trouble commenting... hope I have not entered 3 comments!

    This post reminds me that art is wonderful just for the joy it brings. I have been a professional licensed artist for years and am cutting way back because I'm longing to simply make whatever art I want, just for myself and my family. But I'm finding it hard to stop asking the question that has been my habit for so long... "will it sell?"

    You've encouraged me and been a blessing. I thank you for the reminder that simply enjoying one's art is enough. Wish I could have been with you for the fresh air and fellowship by the sea.

    Sending you joy from the opposite coast!

    1. Sorry you had trouble commenting, Sharyn. Looks like it only went through just once after all.

      I'm so glad my posts have been a bit of an inspiration to you. Where are you located on the "opposite coast"? Did you know I'm teaching in San Clemente the end of this month? Any chance you might want to join my workshop on sketchbook journaling? It might be a good jump start for your new approach to art. I talk a lot in my workshops about making art just for the rewards of doing it, for what it brings to our lives. It's about being mindful and learning to see the world in a different way.

      Best of luck to you - enjoy the journey!


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