Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Student Sketches from Maine

Experience varies among my students on this trip. Some have an art background and have painted before while others are new to sketching. I think everyone is learning a lot though, and just the fact that we're out painting every day is enough make all of us improve.

So I thought I'd share some of what is happening in everyone's sketchbooks this week.............

Practice exercise on painting rocks

More practice on rocks and water

Sea glass, fir trees, blue water, rocks and shells - it all says MAINE!


  1. These are great! Love the lettering as well as the painting!

  2. What beautiful sketches! I, too, love the lettering. Looks like you're all having a wonderful time. And I definitely have cottage envy over where you're staying!

  3. Such pleasure to view these journals - thank you to all the participants for sharing!

  4. Delightful sketches, what a treasure for the artists to remember their trip every time they open their sketchbook.


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