Saturday, May 3, 2014

Three Days in Art Supply Heaven!

I just spent three days at the National Art Materials Trade Association (NAMTA) show in Pittsburgh, PA. It was awesome!!

The NAMTA show at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh

Everywhere I looked, there were luscious, colorful art supplies just waiting to be picked up, admired, and used.

All the well-known manufacturers of art materials were there, and it was fun getting to see and try out their new products.


I was itching to shop, but this was a show for art store owners, not consumers, so I had to be content to just put things on my mental wish list.


I was there as a representative of Stillman and Birn, whose sketchbooks I use and enjoy. Michael Kalman, co-owner of Stillman and Birn, had invited me to bring some of my sketchbooks to display and talk about at the S&B booth.

Me with Michael

My Italy journal was a big hit with the convention attendees. Everyone had a story to tell about their own trip to Italy, and we all had fun reminiscing about the places we'd visited. They liked seeing all the watercolors I'd done in the travel journal, but what seemed to impress everyone the most was my neat printing!

Everyone I met was so friendly, and the encouragement I received about my work was incredible! I've been invited to teach workshops all over the country, from Massachusetts to California. Pretty exciting!

I'll keep you posted on what develops. Isn't life great? You just never know what a day will bring.


  1. Oh How I wish I had been there, I am sure everyone loved your journal and I do hope you will be teaching somewhere close to Seattle.

  2. Oh, this looks very great. I have one question. Which Stillman and Birn Sketchbook do you prefer???? finally found an address in Germany and want to buy me one! Thanks a lot! Greeting from Germany, Sabine

  3. I would be so frustrated to be surrounded by all those wonderful materials and NOT be able to buy something on the spot. lol Great place to make connections.


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