Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sketchbook Journeys - Cape Cod: Day 5 (continued)

Look who was hanging out at the beach with us on Day 5 of our Cape Cod vacation...

This big guy bobbed around off-shore all afternoon, riding the swells and watching us watching him. It was all well and good until Buckley caught a whiff of him and tried to swim out through the breakers to check him out. Eeek! Waves crashing, dog drowning - not the way I wanted to spend my vacation!

Ink & watercolor in a 5.5" x 8.5" Stillman and Birn Beta series sketchbook

He's a good dog, though, and came swimming back when we yelled for him, bedraggled and soggy but safe and sound.

High up on the cliff overlooking the beach sits Nauset Light. It's been moved further inland several times due to erosion of the cliffs, as have several other Cape Cod lighthouses. I'm glad someone is working to save them.

We spent a little time the next day wandering around Wellfleet where I sketched the local fish market. It's such a quaint old town.

I'll wrap things up tomorrow with another try at painting reflections on water, plus a map of the spots we visited on the Cape.


  1. Leslie, so lovely to see the Cape again and through your eyes :) Beautiful pages as always.

    1. Thanks, Pam. It was a wonderful trip, and I loved having the time to sketch at a leisurely pace. Now if only I could master that lettering style that you do so well!

  2. Your detail is just so wonderful and your hand writing is too.. This is a charming memory of your trip in book form.

    1. I appreciate your taking the time to comment on these Cape Cod posts, Cris. I always enjoy hearing from you.

      I began keeping journals of our travels when our children were young. I wanted to remember all the fun things we did together and the funny experiences we had. I have a terrible memory, and I knew I'd forget everything if I didn't write it down. I guess the sketchbook journaling is just an extension of what I've always done, but it's so much more interesting with pictures!


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