Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12 in Our Little Corner of the World

It was just a day like any other, I guess, but I got a real kick out of the whole 12-12-12 thing. I just think it's really cool! Like glancing at the clock and seeing that it's 11:11 or 10:01, or looking at my odometer and seeing 12,345. It's fun! Significant numbers give me a little burst of happiness.

So, I wanted to remember this very memorable day in my sketchbook. Since I was working at Artbeat gallery this afternoon, I sketched the view from the side window, looking out at High Street, the main drag through Waynesburg, PA.

I liked the banners hanging from the lamp posts, especially the one with the beauty queen on it. (One of our local girls won the Miss Ohio pageant this year.) The other banner salutes a native Greene Countian who won a bronze medal for wrestling at the 2012 Olympics.

The drawing's a bit wobbly since I had to stand at the window to draw, but I like the resulting casual look. In between talking to visitors and waiting on customers, I added the watercolor. As the afternoon shadows lengthened, the foreground was bathed in shadows, while the old bank building across the street, with its stately columns, caught the last of the sunshine on this cold December 12, 2012.

Did you do anything special to commemorate 12-12-12?


  1. Oh I love this. I love the colors you used & the old downtown feeling of it. What a lovely reminder of 12-12-12. :)

  2. Charming sketch to remember the 12-12-12 day! Quite fun.


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