Tuesday, September 4, 2012

75 Day Sketch Challenge: Days 56 & 59-61

Continuing with my project of sketching all the rooms in my house, here are a few views of the breakfast area that's part of my kitchen...

This antique cupboard is filled with old china...

All sketches are 5-1/2" x 8-1/2", drawn with a Noodler's flex pen & Lexington gray ink

 A slipcovered chair in one corner is a great spot for rocking babies...

The double fireplace goes through to the living room on the other side and keeps things nice and cozy in the winter. Read more about the hand-painted tile here.

This is my favorite of this group of sketches ... my messy but functional desk area.


  1. The first post I ever did on my blog was the corner of my kitchen. It remains my favorite sketch! I just love these simple pen sketches. So full of character :0)

  2. I usually feel compelled to add color to all my sketches, but I have to admit, these black and white line drawings are growing on me. And they're so quick and easy to do!


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