Monday, May 28, 2012

A Very Happy Ending

For the past month, we've been having issues with our well. We think it all started with a lightning strike that fried the entire system - the well pump, storage tank pump, and all the wiring. After having everything replaced, we thought we were all set. Until I turned on the faucet one day and only a trickle came out. We were out of water - again!

At first, no one could figure out what had happened. It seemed our well had just suddenly dried up. For weeks my husband hauled water while we waited for the experts to bring their big rig and work on the well. They finally came last week...

The well guys did a lot of standing around, watching their buddy who was operating the rig. Since I was observing the goings-on anyway, I figured I might as well sketch! (7" x 10", watercolor and ink)

They determined that the same lightning strike which had destroyed the electrical system and pumps had also damaged the well and caused it to cave in. (Our house is like a giant lightning rod sitting up here on top of the hill!) Unfortunately, after cleaning out the well, they still weren't getting any water. Things were looking bleak. Since we don't have public water here, if the well doesn't produce water, our only option is to drill a new well, an even more costly proposition than what we were already going through.

We were praying for a good outcome, hoping beyond hope that something would happen to bring the well back to life.

The next morning Jeff, the well guy, normally a serious man of few words, came to me with a big grin on his face, almost giddy with excitement. He said the main aquifer had opened up during the night and was flowing like a river - the well was holding over 450 gallons of water. What a miraculous turn of events!

Our water is back. Hallelujah!


  1. Congrats on the water situation! I grew up in the country and we had our own well. The original one dried up because the area because developed and so many wells were affecting the table water we originally were using. It took a couple of digs to find water that was drinkable. Now that I live in the city, I miss how good well water can be. Thank you also for showing the steps in your painting process. I'll be studying them closer in the weeks to come. That was really very generous of you.

  2. You're welcome, Suz, and thanks for writing. We're just so relieved that things are back to normal, finally.

  3. Well, you've been through some frustration and excitement! Nice sketch to remember it all by.

  4. Wow, you held up well under the stress! I love the intricacy of the truck and also the gestures of the workers hanging around..."I might as well sketch," now there's a good saying!


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