Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cozy Cottage House Portrait

I had a request a few weeks before Christmas to do a house portrait of this cute little lakefront cottage in upstate New York, and I managed to squeeze it into my schedule and mail it off in time for the big day. The homeowners were really tickled with it, and that makes me very happy. They just bought the cottage last summer and have fallen in love with the place.
Keuka Lake Cottage, 8" x 10", pen & ink with watercolor

Sometimes I pretty up a house in a painting (like I had to do in this one), but this time I painted the cozy cottage just as I saw it, even including the hose hanging from the side of the house. It hints of real people living here, watering the flowers or hosing off sandy feet.

I layered watercolor washes of grey, blue, and brown on the chimney to indicate the variety of colors in the stones.

The Adirondack chairs invite you into the picture and bring to mind warm summer evenings watching the sun set over the lake.

The owner shared with me that her son has nicknamed the cottage "The Slice," because it's their own little slice of heaven on earth. As I sit here in the depths of winter, with the thermometer hovering at 22 degrees today, I'm picturing them next summer, iced tea in hand, lounging in those Adirondack chairs on a sunny afternoon, watching the boats go by on Keuka Lake. It does sound heavenly, doesn't it?


  1. Oooo, I can feel that lovely western NY summer breeze on the lake. This is delightful!

  2. I'm loving this painting and the narrative you gave. I learn so much about drawing and painting by seeing what others do and you have inspired me. Beautiful!

  3. Thanks, Katiejane! I know what you mean about learning from others. I am constantly inspired and humbled by what I see on other artist's blogs. I'm glad to know that I've added a little something to the inspiration stew that's always cooking online.

  4. The painting looks cool. I like the idea of using houses as a theme for painting and drawing. You did great in capturing the images of these paintings too. The narrative description is also compelling.


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