Saturday, December 17, 2011

More Folk Art Christmas Stockings

Our family is growing! In the past year and half, we've welcomed a new son-in-law and, not one, but two new grandchildren into our family.

Nicholas and Lilly

Last year at Christmastime, we made-do with an assortment of miscellaneous Christmas stockings for the new additions, but this year, I decided to stitch up some stockings for Ian, Lilly, and Nicholas to match the folk art Christmas stockings that we've used for years. (I wrote about them last year here.) It makes me happy to see the mantel so full now...

Each stocking is unique, with a different main character. On Ian's stocking, Santa plays the starring role...

Hand-embroidery outlines each appliqued wool piece.

Five-year-old Lilly's stocking is made of cheery red and green gingham with a pretty angel in the center, surrounded by stars, branches, and wool "pennies."

All of the stockings are fully lined and interlined.

The wool applique pieces were fused in place, then edged with buttonhole stitching done with two strands of  DMC embroidery floss.

The angel's skirt was given a little something extra, a decorative band of feather-stitching with French knots.

Little Nicholas already seems to be fascinated by trucks and cars, so I put a classic VW Beetle on his stocking, along with a cute Christmas teddy bear. (If his name had been any longer, I don't know how I could have fit in on the cuff!)

Now we're just waiting to see what Santa brings to fill our stockings - only a week to go!


  1. Wow - you are super multi-talented! These stockings are adorable and so are your grandchildren. Congratulations on your growing family!

  2. The stockings are wonderful and I'm sure the grandchildren will be very happy with them. Happy Christmas to you!


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