Saturday, November 26, 2011

Soft Cornices with Jabots

I guess I should put down my turkey sandwich and leftover pumpkin pie, and take a few minutes to catch up on posting some of my latest projects. Let's talk about window treatments today, then later in the week, I'll show you some pretty Christmas ornaments I recently made. I've also finished my Ireland sketchbook journal, but haven't had a chance to get it all scanned and online yet. It's coming soon - I promise!

Soft Cornices
A soft cornice is a lightweight version of a traditional upholstered cornice. They have all the style of an upholstered cornice without the massive, heavy look. A thick, sturdy buckram is used to stiffen the treatment, rather than the plywood that has traditionally been used for cornices. A wide range of profiles are available, from a simple arch, like the one below, to more complex designs.

We recently installed a pair of soft cornices for a client who had wanted a simple, tailored look in her family room. After discussing a variety of style options, she decided on gently arched soft cornices with pleated jabots. The floral fabric was chosen to coordinate with the green wallpaper and deep brown woodwork.

The only detailing on this treatment is the apple green welt cord that outlines the pleated jabots. The welt continues up the leading edge of the jabots to help separate them visually from the cornice fabric. It contrasts nicely with the chocolate brown cotton sateen jabot lining. A green and brown double welt accents the lower edge of the cornice.

The window treatment had to allow access to the back yard through a set of sliding doors. Mounting the valance high on the wall and curving the lower edge provided the needed headroom, while also helping to balance the proportions of the window with added height.

We window treatment designers have to be problem solvers - finding the right style, coordinating with existing furnishings, working with dissimilar-sized windows and doors, balancing beauty with functionality - it's all in a day's work for us. When it all comes together, everybody's happy. Thankfully, that's what happened here!

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