Friday, July 15, 2011

Sketchbook Journeys - Colorado: Page 5

This page features another sketch from our visit to Garden of the Gods, near Manitou Springs, Colorado. An afternoon thunderstorm had blown through, leaving a spectacular sunset in its wake. I captured it in my sketch, with the "Kissing Camels" rock formation in the foreground.

A closer view of the sketch ...

One of my favorite destinations for bike riding during my years at Colorado College was Helen Hunt Falls. It's located way up a long, windy road, at the end of North Cheyenne Canyon, and the return trip, downhill all the way, made all the work getting up there worthwhile. It hasn't changed in all these years - it's still a nice place to visit on a hot summer day.

Our visit to Cripple Creek served two purposes. #1 - It gave me a chance to torment my niece, Karli, by bellowing the song "Going Down to Cripple Creek" at the top of my lungs as we were driving through the mountains, and #2 - We were able to fulfill our desperate need for an ice cream cone. My flavor of choice was Mocha Almond Fudge - mmmmm! Karli prefers vanilla, but took a big leap this time and opted for cake batter ice cream (which sounds to me like just another name for super sweet vanilla!)

That's all for today! Tomorrow: Rocky Mountain wildflowers

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