Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sketching for the Time-Challenged

Everything's blooming and growing this time of year - it’s so exciting and inspiring! It definitely gets me in the mood to paint, but since I don’t have the luxury of long uninterrupted hours to devote to my art, I sometimes have to get creative in figuring out ways to get something down on paper in a short time. Here’s what I came up with last spring when I wanted to note all the wonderful colors of the flowers blooming in our yard and in the fields around the house.

I had fun making each one of the little squares different. It makes it much more interesting than if they were all plain squares, don't you think?

There are few non-flower items in the sketch, too. Are you wondering what a “Hoover” is? 

Hoover, a member of the family for the past 15 years

I enjoy using different kinds of layouts in my sketchbooks. For something simple like this, you don’t even have to able to draw! It’s more of a doodle than a sketch, but it takes me back to a happy spring day when I took a few minutes to appreciate those little gifts from God that are right in front of me.


  1. Brilliant idea! - hoover, huh? never did connect a Hoover with spring - oh, wait a minute - spring cleaning! Is that it?

  2. Nah, it has nothing to do with spring cleaning. My cat, Hoover, was out wandering around the yard when I was painting, so I included him as one of the spring colors. Definitely no spring cleaning going on around here! :-)


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