Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hoppin' Robins

Robins are one of the happiest signs of spring. I spied the first arrivals way back in January, and now there are lots of them visiting every day. They always give my heart a little lift, knowing that when they arrive, warmer weather can't be far behind.

They're so comical, bobbing around, all plump and happy, looking for worms. We must have a really good supply, because these are the fattest robins I think I've ever seen!

9" x 12"

This gal's looking coy and flirtatious, and maybe a tiny bit mysterious ...

"Mmmmm, lunch!"
"Hey, where'd you get that worm?!"

This guy has Attitude!

This one always wanted to be a ballerina ...

This one looks like a pompous British gentleman ...

I hope you're enjoying the signs of spring in your neighborhood. We're having sleet and snow today, but I know the warm weather's on its way. We'll really appreciate that spring sunshine after this last wintry blast. I can't wait!

Springtime is the land awakening.
The March winds are the morning yawn.
Emily Dickenson


  1. I love that top 9X12. What are you doing with all your paintings Leslie? Are you framing them, having prints made for cards, etc? You do such great work!!

  2. Most of the paintings I show here are done in my sketchbook, and I like to keep them there as a sort of journal of my life. I like seeing the progress I've made and remembering where I was when I did a particular sketch. I sell prints of some of my paintings at our local gallery, and I may one day offer them through a website, but for now I'm still mostly doing them for myself. I really enjoy sharing them here on my blog though, and I LOVE getting feedback from people, so thanks for commenting!

  3. Love the robins! What cheer they bring when they return!


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