Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gallery Views

I spent a few hours working at our local gallery, Artisans, this afternoon. I had the place to myself, so I grabbed my little 3.5" x 5" sketchbook and spent some time with my pens and watercolors. It was so peaceful and quiet as I sat there sketching, looking out the windows at a bright day with a hint of spring in the air.

Peering through the front window displays, I painted the store across the street. I like the contrast of the quaint, crooked old building in the foreground with the looming new university dormitory in the back.

On Thursdays, Artisans is the place to be in downtown Waynesburg, PA. They host a bake sale of delicious baked goods from Rising Creek Bakery, and it's a sellout event very week. Customers started asking for coffee and tea to go along with their muffins, cupcakes, and pot pies, so we now have a coffee corner in the gallery. Here it is ...

Here's another sketch looking out through the gallery windows. This one, painted last November, shows the Veterans Memorial on the courthouse lawn next door. The American flags were a bright spot of color on a gray day.


  1. Hi Leslie,
    Your watercolour paintings of the street scenes and still lifes are wonderful!I love painting too-come have a visit to my blogsite sometime!

  2. I love your water colors. What a tribute to your town and the people in it. Looks like something out of Mitford by Jan Karon, or Abbotsvill in the Miss Julia books. Your very talented!!!

  3. Thanks so much! Glad you're enjoying my sketches. I have a lot of fun doing them, and I hope it shows.


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