Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby Shower Week - Day 5: Games & Activities I

This is the first and only baby shower I've ever planned, and I was kind of intimidated by the thoughts of having to choose the games and activities. I just couldn't see myself myself making people taste jars of unknown baby food to figure out what it was, or playing the "Dirty Diapers" game. (Don't even ASK about that one!)

So, I kept it really simple. We only had three activities, and I don't think any of them were embarrassing to the mom-to-be or the guests (that's a plus!) The first one was ...
Mad Libs

My daughter was crazy about Mad Libs as a child and still loves them today, so I wrote up a customized Mad Lib called Sara & Ian's Great Adventure.

I'll reprint it here, just in case any of you would like to adapt it for your own use. I've substituted "mom" and "dad" for my daughter and son-in-law's names.

I was the moderator and the only person who knew what the Mad Lib was about. We went around the room and I asked each person for a word to fill in the blanks in the story - a noun, a verb, a number, etc. They all got into the spirit of the game and came up with some crazy words that made the game lots of fun.

When all the blanks were filled in, I announced the title of the story and commenced to read it aloud. It was hilarious! We all giggled and laughed until we were holding our sides. Sara loved it! The best Mad Lib ever!

 Sara and Ian’s Great Adventure

When (mom) and (dad) fell in love, they often talked of having a family. “I want us to have ­­­­­­­­(number)___________ kids!” (dad) said. “I’d be happy with (number)_________,” smiled (mom). “Well, no matter how many we have, I know we’ll be (adjective)_____________.” 

Soon the (adjective)_____________ day arrived when (mom) announced to (dad), “We’re going to have a (noun)____________!” (Dad) was so (adjective)______________, he grabbed (mom) and planted a big (noun)_________________ on her cheek.  “It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a (noun)­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________, just so it’s (adjective)____________.”

When (mom) and (dad) told (mother-in-law) about the baby, she exclaimed, “(exclamation)____________________! I’m going to be a (noun)________________!” The whole family was happy to hear the (adjective)_______________ news.

It wasn’t long before (mom) developed cravings for (food)______________ and (food)_______________. Sometimes she felt (adjective)_______________ in the morning, but by afternoon she was (adjective)________________. As the baby grew, her (body part)_______________ got larger and larger. (Mom) had to buy maternity (plural article of clothing)_____________________. (Dad) smiled and said, “(Mom), you look so (adjective)________________.” “But I feel so (adjective)___________!” (mom) wailed.

Months passed, and the big day finally arrived. (Mom) exclaimed, “(exclamation)__________! My (noun)_________________ just broke!!! We’d better rush to (the) (location)_______________!” (dad) shouted, “(exclamation)_______________!! This is it!”

After (number)________ hours of labor, a beautiful baby boy was born, weighing (number)_______ pounds (number)______ ounces. The doctor exclaimed, “That’s the (adjective ending in –est)______________________ baby I’ve ever delivered!!”

The proud parents gazed lovingly at their little bundle of (noun starting with J)______________, and (dad) said, “That was so much fun, I think we should have (number)_________ more!” “You silly (noun)_____________!” (mom) said.

And they lived (adverb ending in –ly)_______________ ever after!    

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