Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Little One is on the Way!

My daughter is expecting a baby this spring, my first grandchild! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! Every time I think about holding that little bundle on my shoulder and feeling that soft, heavy weight as he falls asleep, I just get all choked up, remembering the days of holding my own babies. There's not much in this world that makes me happier than rocking a contented, sleeping baby.

So, I'm hosting a baby shower for Sara here at our house in a few weeks. I looked online for invitations and got some good ideas, but didn't see anything that seemed just right, so I made my own. I loved a design that I saw at tinyprints, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted, so I painted my own version of it.

Isn't that adorable? The idea for the baby in the hammock was from and I added the bunnies, grass, and flowers. I love the way it turned out. Here's the completed invitation. (The colored type was actually a dark teal, but it shows up a lot lighter here in my scan. And I removed my phone number from the scan for privacy purposes. Don't worry, it was on the actual invitations!)

I ordered 5" x 7" ivory card stock and aqua envelopes from Paper Source, then printed the invitations at home. I also included another sheet with directions and a little bunny at the bottom saying "It's a BOY!"

Now, to plan the rest of the shower - the decorations, food, games, and favors. I have lots of ideas. It will be fun and happy and pretty, with lots of and giggles and laughter - just like the baby that's coming in April!


  1. Congratulations! The invitation is just lovely! I'm jealous. My son just started grad school and has made it clear that the next 2 years are just going to be school - dating is okay, getting serious, not so much-no time! I figure that will last until the right girl comes along - and then he'll find time!

  2. Leslie, as always you add such a personal touch to all you do! You are going to be the BEST Grandma!

  3. I'm having so much fun helping out with the planning and decorating. I'm working on a really cute baby quilt right now. It has appliqued puppies cut out of polar fleece, so they're soft and cuddly. It's going to be so sweet!

  4. What a wonderful Grandma you will be to that little one on the way.
    Lovely invite and best blessings to your daughter.


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