Thursday, December 16, 2010

Folk Art Christmas Stockings

I thought you might enjoy seeing these Christmas stockings that I made for everyone in our family several years ago. I need to make a few more since we've had some additions this year, but I think that will have to wait until 2011.

The stockings themselves are made of homespun plaid with a cotton flannel interlining. All of the appliques are wool.

Each of the stockings is individualized - Fred's has a Santa and an airplane, since he's an airline pilot (and he's been obsessed with airplanes since he was in diapers!)

Mine features an angel.

Sara loves all things Maine, so her stocking has a moose and a Maine pine tree.

Matt loves snowboarding, so I made him a snowman.

I even made a stocking for our golden retriever, Tucker. Hey, dogs need presents, too! His is smaller than the "people stockings". I need to change the name to Buckley, I guess, since Tucker is no longer with us, but I just can't seem to do it, so Buckley just uses Tucker's stocking every year.

Each stocking has a different homespun plaid background, but the colors of the appliques are repeated on all the stockings for continuity. The button-stitched circles are reminiscent of the penny rugs made in the 1800s.

All of the blanket stitching and embroidery is done by hand with DMC floss.

The idea for these stockings came from one that I saw in a quilt shop years ago, but I'm not sure if there was a pattern for them. I think I gathered some of the applique designs from books I had on hand and others I drew myself. I enjoy embroidery, so they were a lot of fun to do. They've become so well-loved in our family that my sister and my aunt have both made sets for their clans, with unique appliques to fit each person's personality. They're definitely a labor of love.

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  1. Leslie - As always your work is beautiful. This tradition will be treasured every year, I'm sure, as you bring out the familiar stockings and add another as newborns in in-laws join the family. Thanks for sharing!


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