Monday, November 29, 2010

My Little Painting, All Grown Up!

Remember back in September when I showed you the custom blog header I designed for Madison Lane Interiors?

Well, look where that sketch is now ...

2nd & Main St., Joplin, Missouri

Isn't that cool? My little 3" x 7" painting has been blown up to billboard size!

Amber Sachetta, co-owner of Madison Lane Interiors, says they have gotten lots of customers as a direct result of the billboard, which sits at a main intersection in town. The taco shop signs actually help to catch people's attention while they're stopped at the signal light.

Thanks, Amber, for sending me the pictures - I got such a kick out of seeing them.


  1. How awesome is that? Must make you feel great Leslie!! Fantastic for Madison Lane too that they were able to secure such great exposure!

  2. That is so wonderful LOVE the full size master piece. I Agree Fantastic What a show stopper.

  3. My sketch was also part of a TV commercial that they did! Wow! This is so much fun!


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