Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oak Leaf

Today was one of those fall days that I just want to hold onto and imprint on my mind, so I can take it out next winter on some grey, drizzly day and remember when the world was a riot of color. Some days it's so achingly beautiful that I can hardly stand it! I want to soak it up, because I know it's so fleeting. Today, the sky was that deep rich cobalt blue that's almost purple, and the colors of the trees were so intense that they seemed to glow from within. The grass that was brown and dead looking just a few weeks ago is now so green it looks artificial. Photos can't do it justice. A painting with those bright colors would look garish. The only way to experience it is to be there, and be aware, and stop for a moment, and wonder at the beauty of it all.

"Even if something is left undone,
everyone must take time to sit still
and watch the leaves turn."
Elizabeth Lawrence 


  1. This is beautiful Leslie... did you do just this one or a series? Would be great matted & framed as a collection or as notecards/notepads. Beautiful!

  2. Good idea, Sarah! If I can find some fall leaves that are still in good condition, I'm going to do a few more sketches.
    Will you be my life coach? :) You always have such great ideas for me!


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