Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sketches from Smith Mountain Lake, VA

I had such a busy summer, with Sara's wedding, and work, and gardening, but all summer long, I kept daydreaming about a day in September that Fred and I were going to fly off to Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, for four days of doing nothing but, well, ... nothing!

Yes, I, the type-A, work-all-the-time, always-busy, can't-sit-still person that I am, actually relaxed for four whole days. Our friends, Dawn and Fred, have a beautiful lakefront house with all the toys you could want at the lake, so we got to boat and jet ski to our heart's content, but most of our time was spent just hanging out.

I managed to fit in a few sketches here and there - they seem to capture the flavor of the place much more than photos do. I thought you might enjoy seeing the full sketchbook pages, and then some close-ups of the paintings.

Close-ups ....

I had a lot of fun doing this title page
Dawn and "the Freds" on the dock
A pretty view of the countryside near the lake

Dawn says this creamery has the best ice cream in THE WORLD!

We hiked at Smith Mountain Lake State Park and stopped to sketch this little island and bridge.
Good friends, a beautiful place, and the time to enjoy them both - that's a perfect vacation.

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  1. Just love how you captured your trip. This is so much better than a photo album.


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