Monday, August 2, 2010

Watercolor Wedding Invitation

When my daughter, Sara, got engaged last December, she asked me to do the artwork for her wedding invitations. Since the event will be held here at Summerhill, she thought it would be nice to have a drawing of the house on the invitation. The blue hydrangeas that surround our house in the summer set the color scheme for the bridesmaid dresses and reception d├ęcor, so they were incorporated into the invitation design as well.

Fresh, fun, and pretty, with a touch of whimsy – that’s the feeling we want for the wedding, and what I was hoping to convey in the invitations.

The painting was done with pen, ink, and watercolor on 140# watercolor paper. The text was hand lettered separately. Both images were scanned, then layered in Photoshop to form the final design. The invitations were printed and trimmed, then we applied them to pale blue card stock.

The hydrangea blossoms carry over onto the response card, which has the same hand lettering and green background as the invitation.

The ensemble included the invitation, bundled with the response card, return envelope, and a travel information page with directions on one side and hotel info on the reverse. The pieces were all tied up with a satin ribbon. I hand lettered  the envelopes, using the same style as the invitation lettering (based on the font "DJ Fancy".)

It's only a few short weeks now until the big day! The RSVPs have all come in, and we're working on seating arrangements, menu cards, and programs. Details, details, details! It's an exciting time for all of us.

It's been so much fun helping Sara to plan her wedding. I'm glad I was able to help make her vision come true, of a wedding that is a true reflection of who she and Ian are.  It's going to be beautiful!


  1. Beautiful!!! Leslie, you never cease to amaze me!
    Sandy Garnett

  2. Beautiful! You are so talented and this is going to be one beautiful wedding. I also wanted to thank you for the chicken salad recipe...I made i is delicious! Bobbie K

  3. What else can I say but "it's PERFECT!!" Congrats and best wishes for a perfect day and a happily ever after!

  4. The final product turned out perfect!

  5. Leslie, in my next life I hope that I will have even just 10% of your creativity. Those are gorgeous and how special that you were blessed with the talent to give Sara such an amazing gift!

    Are you making the wedding cake, the centerpieces and her dress?...

  6. No, I'm not making the cake or any of the dresses, thank goodness! I'm just organizing the hundreds of little details that go into having a wedding here at home - it seems like the to-do list is growing by the hour!

    Thanks for all the nice comments. Sara had the vision, so a lot of the credit goes to her. We make a good team.


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