Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bellanca Bag

I bought the pattern for this bag last fall, bought the fabric in January, cut out the pieces in February, and then ... well ... um ... uh .... it sat in my workroom for about four months, haunting me, laughing at me, teasing me with its cute polka dot fabric and cheerful, colorful prints. I have the best of intentions. I buy things that I love, that I can't wait to make, and then, well, I end up working on customer jobs instead of my own stuff. Well, I decided to give myself a deadline. I wanted to take that bag on our trip to Asheville, so I could load it up with all my essentials, plus my camera, sketchbook, and water bottle. And, with a few evenings of staying up too late, and putting off that slipcover that needed to be started for a customer, I finally FINISHED it!

It has lots of inside pockets and a magnetic clasp. It took quite awhile to make, but the instructions were very clear. It's a Lila Tueller pattern called "The Bellanca Bag." She also has a really pretty line of fabrics. You can see her patterns and fabric on her blog. I'm just really tickled that I finally finished this project and have a cute bag to use now. (Of course, I bought this fabric to match my winter coat! Oh, well...)

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  1. Congratulations on starting your blog Leslie. I have been a fan of your work for some time. Like you, I have "some day" projects stored in a container in my workroom. I keep thinking that I will get to them, but it never seems to happen. Love your bag and I look forward to following your blog posts.


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