I love to travel, and taking the time to sketch while I'm on a trip makes me slow down and immerse myself in in a place, rather than rushing here and there. It imprints all those wonderful memories on my mind and gives me a very unique and personal record of my experiences. 

You can see all of my travel sketchbooks in my online gallery here. If you would like to read more about the sketches, check out the links below to find blog posts related to my travel sketchbooks.

Maine - 2015
My first Maine workshop was so much fun I didn't want to come home! Five students joined me for a week of painting, learning, sightseeing, shopping, and just plain fun. Read all about it in the following posts:
Musings from Maine (photos)
Student sketches
Back from Maine with Lots to Share (photos of the trip)
Sketches from Maine: Part 1
(More sketches coming soon)

Cape Cod, MA - September 2013
A relaxing week-long trip to Cape Cod allowed me lots of time to paint. See the pages from my travel journal in the following posts:
Sketching the Time Away
Step-by-Step Watercolor Painting:  Highland Light - Cape Cod
Days 1 & 2
Days 3 - 5
Day 5 continued
Days 6 & 7

Maine - July 2013  
With gorgeous scenes around every bend in the road, the main challenge for me when I visit Maine is deciding what to paint! This trip took me to Acadia National Park for a week, then to the midcoast area around Rockland. 
Maine sketches
More Maine sketches

Italy - April 2013
Seems like I've dreamed of traveling to Italy forever. My dream finally came true when I spent two wonderful weeks in northern Italy and Tuscany in the spring of 2013. It was a fantastic trip, and I'm still working on finishing up all the sketches I did while I was there. You'll find the sketches from my trip in posts from May through August 2013. If you'd like to see them all, just put "Italy" in the blog search box and they should all come up.

Savannah, GA - January 2013
An anniversary trip to Savannah gave me just a taste of this beautiful southern city. I hope I'll have a chance to return someday.
Savannah sketches

Tucson, AZ - November 2012
My quick trip to Arizona was a great introduction to sketching the dramatic scenery and very different architecture of the Southwest.
Day 1 
Day 2 
Day 3 

Oak Island, NC - August 2012
Our annual family beach vacation yielded a week's worth of sketches, everything from seashells and sand dunes to bikini-clad sun worshippers.
Packing for the trip 
Day 1 
Days 2-3 
Days 4-5 
Days 6-7
Day 8 

Ireland - September 2011
Sixteen days wasn't nearly long enough to see all that Ireland has to offer, but it left me with a love for the place that has changed me forever. To read about our trip and see photos of the places we visited, check out these posts:

To see the 46-page sketchbook that I kept during our Ireland journey, visit these posts:
To preview all of the pages, or to purchase a copy, check out this blog post.

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