Thursday, June 11, 2020

Sketches from Croatia - Part 5 - The Peaceful Village of Račišće

Are you ready for a getaway? Let's escape to the island of Korcula in the Adriatic Sea, a place I visited last fall that seems like a dream now. Those days spent painting old stone buildings and aquamarine seas were among the happiest I can remember, and, over the past few months, I've been reliving them as I finish up sketches from that trip.

I posted the first sketches from my teaching trip to Croatia last fall, right after I returned home. If you missed my posts then and would like to catch up, here are the links to those sketches:

Now, let's look back at those sunny September days when the worst health issue I had to worry about was a nasty cold that I caught on the flight to Dubrovnik....

The sleepy fishing village of Račišće was a great place to spend a morning painting. I taught a lesson on painting reflections that day and tried a different sort of layout for my sketchbook page. It reminds me of a nautical flag.

A stroll around the village showed what a pretty place it is... 

This was a niche filled with findings from the sea...

The harbor was so peaceful and quiet. We were almost the only people there. Some of us took a break from painting to hunt for sea glass on the pebbly beach. First we found one piece, then two...soon we realized there was sea glass everywhere we looked! No wonder my suitcase was near the weight limit on the way home.

Can you find a heart-shaped rock in this pebble-covered wall?

What a spot to paint!

Wish I were sitting here sipping a cappuccino right about now.

The sketchbook I used for this Croatia travel journal is a handmade 7-1/4" square one with batik covers.

The stitching I used for it is a combination of coptic and French link.

It's filled with 140 lb. Kilimanjaro cold-press watercolor paper, which is wonderful to work on.

My 2020 Croatia workshop is still on the schedule for September. We plan to make a final decision about it next month. COVID numbers for Croatia have been extremely low, but the international travel is still an issue. It may be wishful thinking to imagine myself back in this quiet fishing village this fall, but I like having one little glimmer of hope to hang onto. It's helping to sustain me through all the disappointment and cancellations.

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