Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ruff Creek Farm Sketch

After days and days of dreary weather, we finally got a gem of a winter day today. I took my granddaughter sledding on the hill in front of our house, and, standing there watching her trudge up the hill for the twentieth time, it felt so good to feel the warm sun on my face. I even escaped for an hour or so and headed down the road to do a little sketching. This picturesque farm on Route 221 in Ruff Creek, PA, caught my eye ...

6-1/2" x 5-1/2" ink & watercolor

I was drawn to the shadows on the buildings, and the blankets of melting snow on the round bales of hay. Each fence post had its own little snow hat, too. How could I resist a scene like that?

Colors used were primarily Quinacridone Violet, Prussian Blue, and Yellow Ochre with a little Cobalt Blue thrown in for the sky. The violet and yellow ochre added a nice warmth to what could have been a typical cool winter scene. I spent about an hour drawing and painting on location (in my van) before packing up and heading home.

Snow is in the forecast again for tomorrow. I'm glad I seized the day today!


  1. Leslie, I was happy to see you'd posted again and enjoyed this painting so much. Your work is exquisite, and you deserve a wide audience. I loved your Ireland art journal. I'm new to watercolors and also appreciate your inclusion of paints used in the work displayed, as well as your demo/video. Scenes like this farm make me happy to be moving back up north soon. Thank you again. Shelly D.

  2. I just finished my post today & I ended it with, I think the same idea, about seizing this sunny snowy day. I have never painted or sketched snow & I'm fascinated with the reflections & shadows!! Thank you, I will gaze on your drawing longer! Sledding is such a joy for children! A few posts ago I included a photo of our local sledding hill that is right by the sea...

  3. Shelly, the holidays have kept me pretty busy. It feels good to be sketching again. Glad to hear you enjoyed my Ireland journal. Thanks for mentioning that you like knowing what colors were used in a sketch - I'll try to remember to include them more often. I appreciate your feedback.
    Rita, I've been enjoying your blog. Your whimsical style really appeals to me. I, too, am new to painting snow. It's a lot of fun, and I'm especially enjoying trying out some new color combinations.


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