Monday, June 25, 2012

75 Day Sketch Challenge: Days 11-17

I've been sketching up a storm and managing to stick to the challenge rule of drawing directly with a pen. I occasionally bend the rules a tiny bit by using a pencil to lay out the lettering, like in the sketch below, but the subject matter is all drawn in ink. 

(All sketches are done in a 5" x 7" Stillman & Birn Alpha series sketchbook 
with watercolor, pen & ink)

Drawn with Pitt pen

I had a lot of fun filling the little squares on Day 11's grid page with all sorts of everyday things, like iced tea, flip flops, toothpaste, sewing tools, and books.

This next sketch is the view from our back door, looking across the yard and over the trees to the ridges of the Allegheny Mountains, just east of us in Fayette County. It's so pretty on a summer morning!

Drawn with Noodler's flex pen & Lexington Gray ink

I didn't realize until I had finished the sketch that I'd forgotten to turn on the fountain! It would have been nice to have the sparkly splashing water in the picture. Guess I'll just have to paint it again sometime.

Last Thursday was the first session of a beginners' Sketchbook Journaling class that I'm teaching here at my studio. I drew this page from photos I took during the class. (Note to my students: Please forgive me for the un-likenesses!) We had so much fun, and it was great to see them getting excited about drawing. I can't wait to see their homework this week.

Drawn with Noodler's flex pen & Lexington Gray ink

I drew some very weird perspective in this sketch of a hall in my house.It  reminds me of one of those crooked rooms at an amusement park. Too bad you can't erase ink...

Drawn with Noodler's flex pen & Lexington Gray ink

Being a glutton for punishment, after drawing a room full of people on Thursday, and attempting perspective on Friday, I visited a dog show at the fairgrounds on Saturday. I had the idea that it would be fun to draw the various breeds of dogs, and their interesting owners. Trouble is, nobody would hold still for me to draw them!

Drawn with Noodler's flex pen & Walnut ink, plus rubber stamping

I did the best I could with the drawings - adding watercolor helped - but I was very frustrated with trying to draw the dogs. I'll keep trying, because I'm determined to get better at quick on-the-spot sketching.

Drawn with Noodler's flex pen & Walnut ink

Houses are a lot easier - at least they hold still. I chose this one because of the awnings - I love painting them.

That was Day 17. Whew! It's been a good week. Lots more sketches to come!


  1. I am emjoying your sketches very much. All of them are so lively and colorful. I love how you do houses. This one must be so pretty in real life.

  2. I am too.. Loving them all. I love buildings and this one is great.

  3. What a wonderful class that would be to take. Journaling classes. Wish I lived there. :))

  4. More great sketches! I love the grid page - I'm going to have to do something like that. All the sketches are wonderful.

  5. Like Cheryl, I love your grid page. Everytime, I see such a page, I want to do one. But have not got to doing one so far.

  6. I also love the idea of the grid page, Day 11. Great idea....

  7. Hi, I was fascinated with the idea of doing the same project such as this. =) May I know of what kind of pen are you using when sketching directly in ink/ =)

    1. Hi Karina,
      I'm sorry I overlooked your comment until now. If you'll look at the caption under each sketch, it usually tells what pen or ink I used for that sketch. I hope you'll give this challenge a try!


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