Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Two-Story Window Treatment - Revealed!

All of my efforts in designing, planning, and fabricating the window treatments for the living room of this spectacular lake front home were rewarded when we stood back and gazed up at the finished results...

Embroidered faux silk slouch panels soar dramatically upward, drawing your eye to the center arch. Sheer panels soften the leading edge with the merest wisp of golden fabric. Deeply pleated swags swoop between 6" holdbacks in an antique pewter finish and are edged with gorgeous tassel fringe featuring metal and beaded accents. The silky polyester lining of the overdrapes helps to keep the entire treatment light and airy, and allows the embroidered pattern on the fabric to show.

Because of the extreme height of the panels, we couldn't use just any tassels at the top. They needed to be large enough to look substantial when they were eighteen feet off the floor. That meant we had to order 12" long tassel tiebacks and adapt them to hang from the decorative medallions. I love the way they look.

Two more tassel tiebacks were used to sweep each drapery panel to the side, revealing a view of the lake and allowing sunlight to pour into the room.

My husband, Fred, does all of  my drapery installations, and I appreciate him more than he'll ever know. He's calm under pressure and meticulous with measurements - just what every designer wishes for in an installer. I was a little nervous about having him drill and hammer and steam and fuss with swags when he was wa-a-a-ay up there on an extension ladder, but he did such a fantastic job that even the perfectionist in me was proud. He built special extensions for his "Little Giant" ladder to give him room to work on the window treatments without crushing them. Very clever!

When the homeowner first caught a glimpse of her new window treatments, she exclaimed, "Oh, I can't believe how they change the room!" She and her husband love the new look and feel they made the right choice early on when considering all of the design options I had presented.

Those earlier designs are long forgotten now, and we can't picture anything else at these windows. The simple drapery panels with their elegant accents have softened the hard angles and made the room feel warm and inviting. It finally feels complete.


  1. These are fabulous!! Thank you for sharing your design process and the installation process. What a challenging space that was handled with spectacular results. ~Cheers

  2. Leslie, I feel as though I've been a part of the process since you shared the various steps. Fabulous window treatment for a fabulous room! I miss you, by the way! And tell Fred that I said "HEY!"

  3. Absolutely fabulous effect with this final window treatment. I must say that I like your style. Thanks for sharing about the process too - it is fascinating.

  4. These are outstanding, Leslie! So dramatic, yet soft and feminine. Just right for this room.


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